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3D HDPE Geoweb Geocells for Erosion Control Slope

Nairobi | Added at 2021-02-01 19:40:29, Ad ID: 3638

Price :   Ksh: 30,000/=

Available : 20

Brand : truvalue stores

Condition : new

Seller Type: individual

Geoweb load support systems stabilise the selected infill and provides solutions in 3 key areas: load distribution system over weak soils base stabilisation for paved surfaces surface stabilisation for unpaved surfaces a 3 dimensional cellular confinement system manufactured from high-quality, high-strength polyethylene. when the cells are filled they control shearing, lateral and vertical movement. this allows the use of less costly on-site infill materials and reduces base material requirements and costs by half. geoweb distributes loads laterally along its system reducing compaction and its effects on the tree root area, also reducing the thickness and weight of structural support elements by 50% or more. we recommend a geotextile under the geoweb for load support and can offer all fittings to make for an easier installation. features 3 dimensional cellular confinement system made from high-strength polyethylene

Sold By: Paul Mwaniki

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